Three Well-Designed Website


This is an e-commerce site of an American Company Etsy, Inc. which focusses on a wide range of product supplies of handmade, craft items and vintage products like jewelry, toys, bags, clothing, décor, furniture and many more. I find it a perfect example of good design website because of it appealing interface and attractive colors. It is very much easy to use. You can search for any kind of products with a facility of categories of products. You can also filter the products with wide ranging options when searching. The color schemes are extremely beautiful and charming which intrigues look at more products and hence buy more.


Reddit is an American discussion and content rating and website. All the registered users can post their contents, images, links, text, videos etc. to the site which are then voted as up or down my other registered members. I have been using this site for a few months and have found it to be a perfect combination of a technical and simplistic design website. You can easily search for any topic or anything on this website especially if you want to know the aggregation of your search. You can get other people’s opinions and searches related to your search. The design is so user friendly that there is no confusion of how and what to do. You can also see the light color patterns used are simplistic and easy to read. Everything you search or want to share is easily sorted out as the interface is extremely soft and easy to use.


Another example of good design website is this e-commerce site of Pakistan. It’s much like Amazon, Alibaba and EBay. But it provides a bit more simplistic and easy to use way maybe because of its defined requirements of business. But the design approach is phenomenal. Its color scheme is charming and fun like. We can roam around the whole website without getting bored of the interface and the themes and colors. The Products are listed in such a way that feels charming and eye catching to the users with all focusing words. Signing in, selling, buying and tracking your orders, all are made in such a handy way that anyone easily learn to use it.