Three Designed Object

Hair Brush

Every one of us is well familiar with the use and need of the hair brush in our lives. But a very few realize the need for it to be a perfect design, shape, quality and weight. This hair brush of me is very much special to me because it satisfies each and every need of my hair and of a medium to take care of my hair. It is so smooth and soothing to my hair when I use it. And it’s just because of the way it has been made.

If you see the design of this hair brush it seems quite comfortable for the hair because of its fatter look and rounded edges. Plus when I use it its bristles are so soft that it suites any kind of hair textures at any given times. And the barrel itself is pretty flexible. If I talk about its handle, it is obvious from the picture that it is so much easier to handle for any kind of hand because of its mixed rubber and plastic handle. Its finishing is very much smooth that I’ve been using it for more than half of a year and it still doesn’t hurt both my hand and head. If I talk about its color combination so it can clearly be seen from the picture that colors of the barrel, handle and bristles contrast perfectly with each other that in any kind of light they give a perfect appearance. All these things make it a perfect object of design.

Black Joggers

If you are not comfortable with your foot in a shoe you can never be at peace in anything you do! That’s because almost whatever you do for earning and wherever you go you need a relaxing and extremely comfortable walk with the best quality shoes on your feet. The more easy your feet are the more relax you could be at work, game, exercise, walk or any other thing that involves.

Plus your personality also requires from you that the shoe you wear must be aesthetically stylistic and classy. They should match to your clothing and their look should perfectly fit to the need of the occasion. So, here is my second good design object that I use almost daily and that is my Black joggers. The color black fits with almost every other color in contrast. So these shoes being black get an edge here. But if I talk about its design approach, I can talk for like an hour. It is made in such a way that it gives a casual and a sophisticated look at the same time hence making it suitable for my job and university both. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that even I stand for hours it won’t let my feet hurt a bit. Its sole is so much soft with firmly attaching to its upper part with a fabric that absorbs all the atmospheric particles while working as a protective layer between my feet and the outer atmosphere. Its toe part is shaped a bit narrower than the main part making it a perfect feet shaped shoe. So it’s a complete blend of design, aesthetic, style and quality.

Wrist Watch

Wrist watches have always been a love of my life since my childhood. And who doesn’t possess that love for the wrist watches? I have been wearing watches from a very early age. That maybe because of the fact that my father has also been a watch man all his life. And looking up to him I also developed that interest and passion for wrist watches long ago. I have had a lot of watches from a lot of different brands.

But have been a fan of only a few. This wrist watch is also one those few brands of watches that I have admired for a long time. This is a Sveston radium, 50M water resistant, 4 dial watch (3 time-dials and one date-dial). Its unique design makes its attractive and aesthetically beautiful. Plus its green fabric strap is soft and strong at the same time making it both comfortable to the hand and difficult to break. It dials are designed in a way that at any given point of time you can easily have a look at any of its dial to know the particular time. This becomes much easier when you are in a hurry and busy in some work and you anxiously want to look at the time when you are running out of time so the three big dials make it easier for you to know the time quickly. Its radium is also another good design thing that makes it glow in the dark to see the time in the dark as well. The radium effect is excellently mixed up with the outermost dial and all the hands of the watch making it clear at all times. So these design features make it a perfect and trustworthy brand and a good design object.