Hi, I am Muhammad 😉

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A proud “Bachelor of Software-Engineering” with a lot of diversified field-related skills and capabilities. Aim to pursue a master’s degree from a reputable institute in a relevant course and to be recognized throughout the world by my work and abilities. Also got varied exposure of jobs at distinct institutes. Determined to explore more!

Besides, A Qualified and an admiringly assertive “Communicator”. So, I specialize in many of the Communication Skills as well. But, my most prior skills, expertise and experiences are in Computers. With a strong academic background, seeking for a master’s program in the fields of Software Engineering and Computers.

My Interests

Music Enthusiast

I love Music to no limit. I love singing and I am a vocalist too. My most favorite music cultures are Indian and Pakistani Music. And the singer I admire the most is Arijit Singh. I have been a keen music lover since my childhood. I find peace when I listen to music.

Love Different Hairstyles

I have always been fond of Long hair. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like short hair but it’s just that I find long hair a bit artistic and classy. Though I love a wide range of Hair styles. Either my hair is short or long I just love to try the most fashionable and latest hairstyles of the time. I have had every possible kind of hairstyles all my life. From ponytails to fades I have tried almost everything.

Travel lover

I love Travelling. I want to travel to every single part of this world. Since my childhood I have had an immense amount of chances to explore many cities of my Country. That’s because of the fact that my father was an Army Officer, so we kept on moving from one city to another. This thing developed in me the love for exploring the world and seeing every possible place in this world.


Have been Extreme lover of distinct food all my life. I enjoy my country’s famous foods and the fast food the most. I have developed my taste all these years so much that I think I know almost every food by now,, lolss. ;p

a fighter jet

Fashion and Photography Freak

Being very much artistic and aesthetic I love to follow the latest trends and fashions. I admire the aesthetically beautiful and world’s leading fashions of clothing and gadgets. I just love to be fashionable and wear and have the latest things. I also love to photograph every single thing that I do or have. There is something intimate about Photography that I can’t even explain. I just love to see the world in Pictures.